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Confidence, Focus and Discipline... Instead of Daycare.

Let's face it most daycare's are glorified babysitters that do not engage your child in important life skills. We do. Every 2 weeks your child learns a different life skill ALL School Year. They earn badges and you get to see their Confidence, Discipline, Focus and more grow.

First-Rate Curriculum

Instead of your child sitting and playing on their IPad or DS etc. wouldn't it be great if they could move and groove everyday and get in shape  get rid of that energy so you could spend some real quality time with them. It's 100% planned and you can even see our program curriculum on our app if you want so you know exactly what your kids are learning.

Our Mission

It's simple we are here to serve you in helping your kid(s) to become happier and more successful in their daily and future life goals.

Try Before you Buy

Yup that's right you can try a week for FREE. No CC# or deposit Free is FREE. But once you see how much your child is liking it and improving you will never go back to the boring alternative. We strive to bring out the best in your child everyday by helping them learn,  become a little happier and more successful.

Your Busy Schedule

Baseball, Soccer, Basketball etc. being a parent doesn't mean you have all the time in the world. We have the solution! Our Program keeps your child active and engage! 2 birds with 1 stone!

Now when you get home you can enjoy your time with your kids. WOW Family Time! 

Obesity is a real problem!

Your child sit's all day at school (6 or more hours) and now your daycare wants them to sit another 2 -3 - 4 hours more?! No way, your child deserves better than that.

And now you have the perfect solution!

Goal Oriented

What goals does your day care have planned for your child's' future (besides your wallet)? Your Children will be working on their goals daily and Loving it. Our program is very unique and designed to bring out the best in your child.

Take some time of your own!

We know you need to recharge your batteries just like all of us. But why pay for it when we will do it for FREE. Yes our monthly parents night out is FREE. Really enjoy yourself because if you come early to pick up your kids they will cry. Yes we have that much fun. So take a night on us!

Nickle and dime you to death.

What is a registration fee? What do you get for it? What about that late charge when traffic is heavy or something happens? Snacks Charges? Graduations Charges? Day Camp charges? Half day charges? You can budget monthly tuition but those add ons kill ya. 

Not in the After School Programs in Paloma Creek. We have a flat monthly Tuition THAT'S IT.

What every child needs and deserves.


Everyday your child needs to work on building their confidence. It's not a week long course or something you learn and then never use. Confidence needs to be learned, used and challenged so that your children can learn to say no to the bad influences that will eventually come their way.


Without Discipline no one succeeds. We make learning discipline fun and challenging. Let's face it overcoming challenges is what leads to success. The sooner you start the greater the chance of success.  Kids feel a great sense of accomplishment when they complete tasks and activities and our very unique program develops, nurtures and grows your child so they have tons of it!

Mental & Physical Self Defense

Martial Arts is about learning to defend yourself from all types of Bullies and life problems. Kids that learn our program rarely have to use their physical Martial Art. Their Confidence and ability to handle just about any situation makes them the person the bully doesn't want to mess with. Let's face it bullies go after the easy targets and our kids are anything but easy targets.

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